William Adams has recieved endorsements from the following Organizations:

Illinois AFL-CIO

Illinois Education Assoc.

The Brain Injury Assoc. of Illinois

The Milton Township Democratic Party

Illinois State Association Of Letter Carriers

Country Music Artist Scott DuBose


All copies of our reports filed with the State Board of Elections is or will be available on the Board’s official website (www.elections.il.gov) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections.

Have you ever thought about what it really means to be an American?

It cannot be displayed through banners, billboards and buttons and it cannot be described in mere speech.
Truly being an American is something that every single one of us is a part of.
It cannot be given but must be earned through hard work and dedication, working together with those in our community to make sure that we are moving forward into a better tomorrow.
When our President addresses the United States he begins by saying “My Fellow Americans”. There is more meaning in that phrase that most have ever thought about and even more have forgotten. This country was built on the principle of banding together against a common foe to assure ourselves that we would have a better tomorrow.
Although in those days our battles were more direct, the modern American still has to fight against such issues as job loss, making sure our district’s finances are solid as can be in these desperate times and making sure our children are educated so they are prepared to withstand the next crisis if and when it comes.



Strength in numbers.

Next time you find yourself surrounded by people take a good look around you and  realize that each person there relies on you as much as you rely on them to ensure the safety and well being of our neighborhoods.
Being an American means doing what is right not only for ourselves but for those around us, our neighbors and friends who are working in and serving our local communities every day.
Sadly, modern politics seems to be driven by the funds in the candidates coffers rather than the issues at hand. Flashy advertising and destroying the other candidate in public seems to have overshadowed the real issues at hand, leading to officials that may have less then the best interests of the people at heart.

I want to bring the power back to the people of the 42nd District where it rightly belongs.

I want to put American pride back into every one of our hearts and restore your faith in the political process by actually doing what I promise.

I want your vote because I am an American who wants to bring American pride to the 42nd District through hard work, pride, honesty and determination to always get the job done for the people no matter what.


William Adams currently resides in Wheaton Illinois and loves his community. He is a accountant who knows how figures work who also holds a degree in political science. Becoming the 42nd District’s Representative means everything to William, who strives to help those around him and feels he can do that on a different level if elected.

William Adams wants to tackle the most pressing issues facing our community by pushing job creation, education and making the budget make sense.The District itself and its residents are also a big part of Adams’ vision as he wants to ensure that the needs of the people are taken care of.




























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